About Us

We Make A Difference

At Sterling Learning we believe in the positive learning potential of every child we encounter.  Our team of educators is comprised of dedicated teachers who are skilled in unlocking this potential and nurturing it and your child towards continued growth. 

Our founders share a background with years of teaching experience in both public and private elementary school classrooms, pre-school, nursery, religious/non-profit, clinical, and, home-based settings.

We value an inclusive model of instruction for early learning.  An inclusive classroom setting is one in which children with and without disabilities learn together. At Sterling Learning, we embrace the varied and unique learning needs of each child rather than see them as a challenge.  Inclusive instruction affords us the opportunity to teach creatively and cater to individual learning styles which is of great benefit for all students.

We teach using the Mother Goose Time Curriculum. Mother Goose Time is a play and hands on, research based, curriculum. It integrates 33 Key skills into games and projects that supports all areas of development for infants,
toddlers, and pre-school aged students.