Chatterbox Social Skills

Sterling Learning provides social skills instruction throughout the school day and via our specialized social skills group, the Chatterbox. Social skills instruction provides children with vital skills necessary to build and maintain healthy relationships. Students gain greater access to their world through becoming competent in effective communication, learning to navigate intricate social situations, and building self esteem. For more information on Chatterbox social skills or to enroll your child, visit


Early Intervention 

Early intervention services are offered for children who require specialized instruction and one to one direct support in strengthening developmental skills   All intervention services are currently only available for ages 0-3 via our partnership with Babies Can't Wait of Dekalb County, Ga.
For more information, please visit

Kindergarten Guide

Consultative Services

Need direction or assistance making educational decisions for your child with specialized learning needs?  The Sterling Learning team of education professionals can help.  We help our parents navigate the world of individualized family service plans (IFSPs) and education plans (IEPS) as well as consult on all too important education and intervention service decisions. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.